Standard Accessories

Camera column
32 “LCD screen
Fast computer unit with Windows 10 operating system
Anti shock targets
4 Multi-fit connection clamps
Steering lock
Brake locking device
Mechanical rotary table
Inkjet printer
Wireless remote control

Optional Accessories

Web cam
LED warning panel
Tablet connection system
Optional LCD multi-screen
Mechanical sliding table


High speed precise wheel alignment
Windows 10 operating system
Standard 44.000 vehicles data base
Standard wireless remote control to control all settings 3D real-time measurement and reporting with printer

Clear wide-angle professional camera eliminates
the need for elevator
Precise measurement up to 16 meters distance
thanks to high resolution (fast and clear measurement
of long chassis vehicles such as Sprinter, Crafter, Master) Gives the best results without being affected by daylight Cross measurement and vehicle chassis
alignment measurement capability
Animated display of all vehicle information
(Rot setting features, tire pressure details,
3D animated graphics)
Auto data and Nitromac data base to update
vehicle information at the same time on all
devices around the world.
Ability to manually add and save unlimited
vehicle model and factory values, store
in memory by uploading customer information
Option to reflect the screen on tablets and
mobile devices as an option
Always be able to adjust steering angle without error
Double-tie clamps can be used to attach the rim
cover to the tire without removing it
Optional web cam and light guidance for safe access to the station
High quality graphics for precise and sharp adjustment
3 different measurement methods, program type selection, standard, fast or free choice 5 years free data base update with Key Card